Complex problems,
elegant results

Complex problems,
elegant results

Corinne has helped our company get to the next level for UX with her design expertise and business acumen. She can think at a big-picture strategic level and then seconds later also roll up her sleeves and talk about the nitty-gritty details of how a single button might affect a user's experience.

- Vivian Killin, Product manager at

I help companies solve problems in new ways

As a principal user experience designer, I use my knowledge and experience to solve challenging problems for startups and mid-sized innovators—companies who want to apply UX expertise to deep problem-solving. Each project is unique, and so is each solution. If you're looking to create a standard website that solves well-known problems in the same old way then I'm probably not who you need.

I create customer experiences through responsive websites, mobile native apps, and more. I have experience with hardware-software interaction on devices from WiFi routers to internet-connected consumer appliances to streaming video and apps on your TV.

Some of my clients

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Logo of the company Microsoft
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Logo of the company Knowde
Logo of the company Modular Banking
Logo of the company ReadyPulse - an Experticity company (now Expert Voice)
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Need UX expertise on an important project?

My UX project engagements typically last for months rather than days or weeks. I also offer a design sprint workshop for short discovery engagements and unblocking creative thinking. Workshops typically run Mon-Fri and can be done together or in a fully-remote participant setup using online collaboration tools and video conferencing.

Corinne Sherry Design, Inc.
Independent UX specialist based in Seattle, WA, USA. Since 2009 I've been creating great products remotely with teams located anywhere. This is a woman-owned business.

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