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About Corinne

A colleague said that I eat details for breakfast, and it's true. I love solving problems for complex systems and services. I work on responsive websites, mobile apps, and other devices. I also love the challenge of improving the customer experience through customer-facing employees.

I'm most effective when partnering with stakeholders to bring user-centric thinking into business and product planning. When we set a clear strategic direction, we can create products that drive your business and delight your users.

My education is in visual communications design, so I bring composition and visual design skills to the table more than most UXers with deep strategy, research, and IA skills. I love to partner with excellent UI visual designers, but I can handle end-to-end design for clients who aren't ready for a multi-person design team.

Corinne is easily the most detail-oriented designer I know. I worked with her on a complex, data-heavy application and she consistently and masterfully kept both the big picture and the most minute detail in play at every turn.

Corinne is also a top-notch leader and team builder. She’s collaborative and sensitive to the needs and goals of both her clients and her teammates.

- Andy Fitzgerald, Information Architecture & Content Strategy Consultant


My superpowers

Crafting an overarching experience strategy while managing complex details to create a robust and cohesive product

Unlocking constraints by investigating assumptions to see if there are new opportunities

Explaining the 'whys' behind UX decisions and best practices

Connecting the dots between design decisions and the experience of the user

Becoming a pivotal team member 


There are so many tools and techniques available to a UX Designer. A recent design graduate has a bag of tricks to try. But it takes experience to know which tools to use and when. And perhaps foremost—it takes experience and confidence to ask the right questions. Knowing when to slow down is critical to be sure you're headed in the right direction when you go fast.

How do you know whether you need an expert? Consider whether your product design needs to replicate what's already in the market or to break new ground. Is the problem you're trying to solve deep and multi-faceted or is it a simple interface that should look like others in the market? If you're solving new problems or solving old problems in new ways, then you need a UX expert on your team.

Corinne has always been Motif’s star designer. She’s had her hand in almost every aspect of our site — whether delivering designs herself against complex assignments or adding thought leadership to other initiatives. She is a unicorn in that she excels across her range of skills, which includes user research, UX, prototyping, content, and UI design.

She also serves as an invaluable partner in product architecture and strategy. On top of all this, her intangibles make Corinne that much more special. She has my full endorsement and utmost respect.

- Jeff Loman, Chief Product Officer at Motif Investing


Corinne is a Principal UX Designer based in Seattle, WA
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