Corinne is a UX champion, making our complex data seem simple and beautiful. Her work is furthered by her ability to collaborate—partnering with design, development, advisors, and product. She has an eye for detail and a desire to connect with the customer.

- Cindy Lincks
  CEO at Reachify

Jan–May 2017

Design an MVP SaaS tool for retail brands to find enterprise eCommerce software.

Reachify, a seed-funded startup.

My role
Lead UX Designer. Hired and led a small team of designers.

Photograph of a notebook page showing sketches and writing about the target users of Reachify ShortList

Breaking down how the available data relates to what users want to know.

The problem
The process of finding right-fit enterprise eCommerce software is time-consuming and ineffective.

Imagine you run eCommerce for a large retail brand. You're looking for software to improve personalization on your website. There are so many vendors in the marketplace, but not all of them work with your web platform and other software. Furthermore, you want a solution that's on par with your competitors and best-in-class retailers, but you don't know which vendors those sites use.

Despite the importance of this vendor selection process, there were no unbiased and high-quality tools available to assist with the research process. Decision-makers were wasting hours doing hit-and-miss online research to get to a list of potentially viable vendors. And even with all that effort, they didn't have all the information they wanted.

Understanding the user
eCommerce website decision-makers at major online retailers who are looking for a new vendor.

Reachify ShortList was designed for buyers in the eCommerce division for major retailers. These are people responsible for selecting vendors and negotiating large contracts that last for multiple years. They're looking for enterprise-grade software solutions for things like AB testing, personalization, and on-site search.

The target users for the product are busy office workers balancing a lot of pressing needs while simultaneously planning for the future. They needed to make informed decisions about these important purchases, but had little time to devote to research.

A sketch showing how users would move through the ShortList process

Outlining the information most important to the target audience.

Discovery, iterative design, art direction of UI visual design.

I worked directly with the CEO, VP of operations and product, and the UX advisor through remote working sessions and reviews. Participants were located in Seattle and New York City.

Discovery phase

  • Identifying users, their motivations, and tasks they want to complete
  • Uncovering working assumptions
  • Evaluating the methods that retail buyers were using for their research and decision-making
  • Meeting with subject matter experts for feedback on a prototype of the draft design
Reachify marketing and product website sitemap

Mapping out new and existing, MVP, and fast-follow sections of the website.

Sketches for the ShortList interface

Ideation through hand-sketching concepts

Iterative design

  • Mapping out key areas of the interface for MVP and roadmap for fast-follow projects
  • Outlining the information architecture
  • Designing all MVP screens for Reachify ShortList and ShortList category pages
  • Creating hand-drawn sketches of pages and micro-interactions to generate ideas quickly
  • Wireframing draft designs in Sketch app
  • Interview and hire a skilled UI visual designer to finalize the UI and begin work on elevating the visual style of the website focused on usability and branding
  • Art direction of final UI visual designs
  • Reviewing designs against goals with executives, UX strategist, and engineering
  • Mocking up and outlining all pages and system states with functional 'UX notes' about interactions and system behaviors
  • Collaborating on project documentation in Quip for both short-term project needs and future-looking knowledge capture and sharing
  • Creating and editing Pivotal Tracker tickets for the team's agile sprints to include Zeplin design links and to surface important functional design requirements
  • Attending regular engineering standups to present designs, answer questions, and participate in QA
A selection of wireframes presented at the first design review

A selection of the wireframes shown at the first ShortList UX design review.

The Results
ShortList MVP launched in April 2018.

We designed an online software as a service (SaaS) tool that was free for retail buyers to use, while enterprise software vendors would pay to customize their listing in the tool.

Using Reachify's ShortList product cut the time it took buyers to get to a few viable vendor prospects down from days to minutes. The tool also allowed them to immediately and directly reach out to their selected vendors requesting a demo of their product.

The designs I created for Reachify ShortList include:

  • An overview of all categories currently covered
  • A method for requesting new categories and vendors
  • Category pages identifying all vendors offering a particular type of solution
  • The ShortList tool where users got recommended vendors by providing data to personalize the results, customize their selections, and dig into the data underlying the recommendations
  • An asynchronous method for retail buyers to validate and correct data we'd gathered on their current platform, thus improving the quality of their personalized recommendations and the data for the whole system
  • Onboarding and profile creation for retail buyer accounts and vendor accounts

The MVP launched in April 2018. Interviews with potential customers showed indicated the product was useful and usable for the target audience.

ShortList category detail page
ShortList scorecard
ShortList scorecard with on-demand detail
Screenshot of a popup asking retailer buyers to validate information about their current website software
Image outlining the various on-object popups that can appear in the ShortList interface
Reachify Logo

Everything that Corinne delivers is extremely well thought out and ensures a successful user journey. Reachify is powered by a lot of aggregated data and Corinne thrives in creating UX patterns to ensure that data is leveraged in its entirety.

She drives process improvement to ensure collaboration across all teams. I would highly recommend her to any company looking for a strong, strategic, UX leader.

- Callie Davis
  Vice President of Operations & Product at Reachify


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Corinne is a Principal UX Designer based in Seattle, WA
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